Sustainable Ecosystems

We are consuming the foundations of our existence - the forests and the oceans, freshwater systems and the soil, at a rate faster than our planet can replenish.

Local, regional and national policies that address the degradation of ecosystems exist and they work: we recognise that these exemplary policies need to be sought out, promoted and scaled up.

Through our Future Policy Award on Food Security in 2009, Biodiversity in 2010, Forests in 2011 and Oceans and Coasts in 2012, we have been identifying and celebrating policies that successfully conserve or manage our vital ecosystems. After the Awards, we begin the political engagement phase with parliamentary hearings to raise awareness, share lessons learnt and spread best practice policies among legislators.

In this section you will find more information on all our work under the Sustainable Ecosystems theme, with a detailed analysis on the linkages between climate and agriculture, plus how we are following up on previous years’ Future Policy Award.

The World Future Council works on the following topics:

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