WFC Management Board and Staff

Management Board

Jakob von Uexkull


Stefan Schurig

Director - Climate, Energy and Cities, 
Member Management Board

Alexandra Wandel

Director and Vice Chair, Management Board


Future Justice

Catherine Pearce

Director - Future Justice

Samia Kassid

Senior Project Manager - The Rights of Children

Ingrid Heindorf

Human Rights Officer and Coordinator of the Geneva Office


Alistair Whitby

Senior Policy Officer - Future Justice 

Pierre Al-Hammoud

Trainee at the Geneva Office



Marta Sánchez Dionis
Policy Officer - Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

Sustainable Ecosystems

Ina Neuberger

Senior Project Manager "Forests for People“ 2


Climate, Energy and Cities

Boping Chen

China Director - Climate and Energy

Irene Garcia

Project and Event Manager - Climate and Energy

Daniele Vieira

Intern -  Climate and Energy1

Anna Leidreiter

Senior Programme Manager - Climate and Energy

Filippo Boselli

Policy Officer - Climate and Energy

Sustainable Economies and Future Finance

Dr. Matthias Kroll

Researcher - Future Finance

Suleika Reiners

Policy Officer - Future Finance

Peace and Disarmament

Rob van Riet

Coordinator - Peace and Disarmament 2


Holger Güssefeld

Project Consultant2

Food Security

Lorena Fischer

Policy Officer - Food Security


Global Policy Action Plan

Sonja Potenze

Policy Officer - Future Justice & Global Policy Action Plan

Media and Communications

Alexandra Schiffmann

Media and Communications Manager



Martín Freire

Media and Communications Officer

Finance and Administration

Gudrun Heise

Administration & Finance Officer

Anna Richtmann

Assistant to the Management Board (UK)

Office and Fundraising Management

Patrick Tästensen

Assistant to the Director – Hamburg

Fundraising and Office Management Intern1

1 - Intern; 2 - Freelancer; 3 - Voluntary

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