Peace and Disarmament

It is a measure of arrogance to assert that a nuclear weapons-free world is impossible when 95% of the nations of the world are already nuclear-free. I think that the vast majority of people on the face of this earth will endorse the proposition that nuclear weapons have no place among us.
There is no security in nuclear weapons. It is a fool’s game.

  General Lee Butler, former head of US Strategic Nuclear Forces, 1991–1994


By their very character, nuclear weapons fall within the scope of the World Future Council. These instruments of annihilation have the power to obliterate life on earth as we know it and cause unimaginable damage spanning many generations to come. As the 'voice of future generations' the WFC works to neutralize the existential threat nuclear weapons pose, so that future generations can enjoy their right to life, liberty and security.


Workshop on Good Nuclear Disarmament Practices, Geneva

On 17th October 2014, the WFC, together with IPU and PNND, examined good practices on nuclear weapons prohibition, financing, phasing out the reliance on nuclear deterrence, and supporting nuclear disarmament initiatives. The workshop also provided international Parliamentarians with an opportunity to share good practices. Click here for the final report.


In November 2009 the World Future Council established the Disarmament Working Group, which unites experts from around the world and brings to bear on the disarmament work the three core strengths of the WFC: 1) integrated thinking; which is 2) future-orientated; and 3) policy-focused.

The Commission is co-chaired by WFC Councillor Dr. David Krieger (President, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation) and Alyn Ware (Global Coordinator, Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament).

The Commission’s efforts concentrate primarily on three projects:

1. Parliamentary engagement 

2. Climate-nuclear nexus 

3. Nuclear Abolition Forum 

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