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Welcome to the latest edition of the World Future Council Newsletter. It has certainly been a busy few months at the WFC! Read all about the exciting developments: 
The Sky's the Limit for the WFC!

Several World Future Councillors are among some of the world's best thinkers and doers who are descending on London for this year's Be the Change conference. Maude Barlow, Bianca Jagger, CS Kiang, Frances Moore Lappé, Hermann Scheer, Vandana Shiva and WFC founders Jakob von Uexküll and Herbert Girardet will be lending their expertise to show how we can all make a positive difference!

And as the official partner, the World Future Council will officially launch its UK operations at the 3-day event in London's Central Hall Westminster. EC Chair Bianca Jagger and Founder Jakob von Uexküll will present the WFC to the media. And KidsCall will also be making its presence known! As well as a stall and creative corner where young people can design their messages to the G8 politicians, there will be a workshop on Saturday 17th November.

Come along and see how you too can Be the Change, from the 15-17 November. Book your tickets here.

WFC Listens to the Voice of Future Generations!
Trendy T-Shirts Will Carry the All-New KidsCall Logo!

WFC Listens to the Voice of Future Generations!

On the 1st of December, the first-ever meeting of the KidsCall Future Club will take place in Hamburg. Around 40 kids of all ages from the Hamburg region are coming to the WFC’s headquarters will formulate their messages to the G8 politicians as well as the future strategy of the campaign. Planned activities include recording a song, producing a film, painting pictures. This initially small group is just the first in a world-wide network of Future Clubs, who with the assistance of the KidsCall team can really help shape their future! Membership of the Future Club is open to any young person in any country on the planet who wants to help Save Life on Earth!

The KidsCall is Getting Louder!

The KidsCall postbox is filling up with messages to G8 politicians from young people around the world, concerned about the future of their planet. Letters are arriving from North America, Europe and Africa. And as of the end of November, KidsCall contributors will have the chance to upload their own videos, songs, drawings and photos onto the new online gallery on the KidsCall website!
Climate/Energy Campaign Hots Up!

In addition to the KidsCall project, the climate/energy campaign consists of 'political engagement' and 'legislative action'.

Political engagement

The team have been busy promoting WFC activities across the globe and in particular the campaign work concerning ‘rewarding renewable energy’.

Stefan Schurig and Maja Göpel attended the UN-NGO Conference on Climate Change in New York, building up an impressive network of potential partners and pushing the envelope for support for Feed-In Tariffs among US legislators. They also met with a congressman on Capitol Hill as well as with several leading organisations and foundations in Washington. They also held a workshop about the WFC approach of promoting best policies at the ‘International Forum of Globalisation’ on the 16th of September at George Washington University in Washington D.C., the ‘family reunion’ of all important players in the international civil society movement. Staying in the US, WFC Policy officer Miguel Mendonca attended the 2007 Solar Power conference in Long BeachCalifornia, making valuable contacts among the 10.000 participants for pushing renewable energy. Read about Miguel’s experiences here.

The Chair of the WFC Executive Committee Bianca Jagger and fellow EC member Tariq Banuri were among a select group invited to participate in a lively round of dicussions on the economics of climate change at the Leader's Dialogue conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The organisors of the event, which took place in New York at the end of September very kindly donated the proceedings, totalling 10,000 US dollars to the World Future Council.

In co-operation with the World Future Council, Board of Advisors members Reinhard and Patricia Hübner financed a special project at the first ever Documenta Urbana, launched in Kassel, Germany in September. At the initial series of events, which use performances, workshops and discussion to develop designs for the future of urban living, the world-renowned city planner, Jorge Mario Jáuregui, presented his film Urdimbres for the first time. And WFC Development Director Alexandra Wandel held a presentation introducing the World Future Council.

Power to the People!

Under the motto Power to the People, the World Future Council has, in collaboration with Earth Action, started its Action Alert project in the US which aims to kick-start legislative action for renewable energy on municipal and state level. More than 4500 decision makers and civil society organisations working on energy issues will receive a well designed poster and fact sheet with all necessary information. The information pack contains technology background knowledge, resources, and a great model to follow to help make that change. To receive a copy, please email Heather

Climate Campaign in the EU!  

Dirk Hendricks and Stefan Schurig met with EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs in the light of recent rumours that the Commission were about to recommend a mandatory trading scheme in its new Directive for renewable energy. The new Directive will divide the European target of 20% Renewable Energy by 2020 into binding targets for each of the 27 member countries. In the last weeks the commission has been lobbied intensively by the UK government and some others to kill off Feed-In Systems and favour a quota-mechanism. It seemed quite obvious that these attempts referred to the ongoing battle between decentralisation (feed in legislation) versus the monopolies (quota-systems). Fortunately in the meeting, Piebalgs made clear that the mandatory trading scheme was not an option, however he is still considering a voluntary trading scheme. The WFC will now help to build up a network of civil society organisations that favours national feed-in legislation rather than a trading scheme.

The WFC was invited to an EU-Conference on renewable energy in Slovenia at the end of October. Policy officers Miguel Mendonca and Bianca Barth attended and held a presentation about the benefits of the Feed-In System at the EU Renewables Strategy Conference.

Legislative Action

Working in partnership with a team of international lawyers, the World Future Council has developed the PACT website (Policy Action on Climate Toolkit) – offering users all they need to learn about, argue for, and implement policies that are effective in protecting the climate. Starting with energy policy, the PACT project has focused on feed-in tariffs (FITs) – a policy already proving its effectiveness in combating climate change and moving the world to sustainable energy sources.

The site gives an overview of FITs – how do they work, how do you compare to the alternatives, what does one need to consider before implementing them etc. – before plunging into the ‘Features of a good FIT law’, where people can read an explanation of each of the key features of a successful law, and look at examples from around the world.

The site will be launched at the end of November, the PACT site will give users the chance to draft their own proposed law. And in the New Year, we will begin expanding the PACT to include other policies. Watch this space!

The Changing Faces of the WFC!

Tadatoshi Akiba
The WFC is delighted to welcome the Mayor of Hiroshima, Tadatoshi Akiba, who has now officially been able to accept the invitation to become a Councillor which was extended to him by the WFC earlier in the year after his selection by the Interim Executive Committee members. Mayor Akiba is devoted to peace and environmental protection and since 2003 has been a respected leader of the campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons.  He is committed to a transparent, democratic government and in his role as Mayor works hard to encourage economic and cultural interaction around the world.

Voice of Future Generations Now at the EU! 

The WFCs EU Liasion Office is now up and running in Brussels. In charge of operations is Dirk Hendricks, who joins us from his previous role as Senior Communications Officer in the IUCN Regional Office for Europe and the Countdown 2010 Secretariat in Brussels. He has previously worked in similar positions in the EU Office of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and in the Secretariat of the UN Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) in Bonn. Dirk studied Economics, Economic History, International Relations and German Linguistics in Münster, Washington, D.C., Florence and Dublin (M.Econ.Sc and M.A.).

Anita Roddick
The World Future Council was deeply saddened at the loss of one of its Council members, Anita Roddick. Anita Roddick was one of the truly remarkable women of our time. She virtually invented the concept of the ethical business. Creating the Bodyshop to support her young family she went on to make it a huge success. But to combine business acumen with vigorous campaigning for environmental, health, social and human rights causes was unique to her at the time.
As a member of the World Future Council, Anita also set her sights on the rights and needs of future generations. We live in an age that is largely concerned with the here and now and the legacy we are leaving for future generations is a grim one: of global warming, deforestation and depleted ecosystems. Only through great international efforts can we now deal with, or even reverse these unacceptable developments. Anita was keenly aware of the need for a very rapid change that must involve us all. We will miss Anita deeply as a founding member of the World Future Council that is, above all else, seeking to act as a voice of future generations.  
Councillors Keeping Busy!

Councillor Activity

In response to the violent suppression by the Burmese government of peaceful protests in the country, the WFC issued a statement roundly condemning the military junta's appalling human rights record. WFC EC Chair Bianca Jagger said:

"There will be dire costs if they repeat the violent repression of 1988. The Burmese government has a duty to fully respect the right of the demonstrators to peacefully express their opinion."

Fellow members of the World Future Council, Cyd Ho and Hafsat Abiola said:

“We are dismayed to see civil protest suppressed by bullets and tear gas. We call on the Burmese Authorities to desist from the violent suppression of protests, and from harming or killing protesters as these acts violate the rights of the people."

The World Future Council also compiled a unique list of all the demonstrations taking place at Burmese, Chinese and Russian embassies around the world.

Download the list. 

Councillors in the spotlight!

Congratulations are in order for the WFC Executive Committee Deputy-Chair, Beate Weber, who was awarded with the German Environment Prize 2007 for her pioneering work in environmental and climate protection whilst Lady Mayor of Heidelberg. The prize carries the highest endowment of any environmental award in Europe, and Beate very kindly donated a third of her prize-money to support the World Future Council's Kids Call campaign.
And the Chair of the Executive Committee, Bianca Jagger, has been promoting Kids Call during her many public appearances across the globe. Bianca was, for example, invited to talk about the campaign in her keynote speech at a Save the Children congress in Madrid, Spain.

Judge Christopher Weermantary has been honoured as a recepient of this year's Right Livelihood Award "...for his lifetime of groundbreaking work to strengthen and expand the rule of international law".

Judge Weeramantry is a world-renowned legal scholar and a former Vice-President of the International Court of Justice, who has played a crucial role in strengthening and expanding the rule of international law. His work demonstrates how international law can be used to address current global challenges such as the continued threat of nuclear weapons, the protection of human rights and the protection of the environment.

Olivier Giscard d'Estaing was a keynote speaker at the Conference of the World Public Forum on the dialogues of civilizations in Rhodes, where he spoke to around 750 people from Russia, India and 35 other countries about the sources of international tensions and the ways to prevent them .

Frances Moore Lappé's sixteenth book, Getting a Grip:Clarity, Creativity, and Courage in a World Gone Mad, has just been released. Breaking out of the straight jacket of dominant dogma, she argues, we?re able to participate in a new stage of democracy now emerging?our planet's best hope for survival. But to make the turn, we must rethink the very meaning of democracy, power, fear and even evil itself. And Small Planet Media?s first film, Getting a Grip on Money and Politics, has been released, exposing what Frances likes to call the best-kept secret in America.

David Krieger gave a lecture on ?Nuclear Dangers and Challenges to a New Nuclear Policy? at Conference sponsored by Max Planck Institute, INES and the University of Florence on Preventing Nuclear Weapons Proliferation at the University of Florence, Italy. David also spoke on ?Nuclear Weapons and a Culture of Peace,? at the New York Chapter of Soka Gakkai International (SGI) in New York City.

At the ECOlatina conference in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Kaarin Taipale gave the keynote speech with the title "Construction, the Built Environment and Sustainable Development" and Fábio Feldman had been invited to comment the paper. ECOlatina was a 4-day event from the 16-19 October, which brought together representatives of the public and private sectors, of the academia as well as politicians to discuss issues concerning the environment and social

Professor Dr. Margrit Kennedy, Chair of the Board of Advisers was invited to participate in a Workshop at the 2nd China Europa Forum, which took place in Paris and dealt with the topic "Tasks and Responsibilities of Institutions of the Financial Sector". The event opens up an on-going dialogue between Chinese and European individuals and institutions on which values legacy to base the two societies.

WFC in the News

World Future Councillor Scoops Top Environment Award!

There was great media interest over the award of the German Environment Prize to Beate Weber, Executive Committee Vice-Chair. The award is the largest of its kind in Europe, and Beate's achievement was highly commended by, amongst others Die Welt, Der Frankfurter Rundschau, Hessischer Rundfunk, the Ökonews and the Rhein-Neckar Zeitung.

¡Hola! Kids Call!

Executive Committee Chair Bianca Jagger was invited by Save the Children to make the keynote speech talking in depth about the Kids Call campaign at their event in Madrid. Bianca's address certainly had a great effect, with newspapers across the Spanish-speaking world such as Publico and Terra picking up on the story.

WFC rapidly becoming Global Champion on Feed-In Tariffs!
Articles by WFC Policy Officer Miguel Mendonca in specialist magazines such as Innovations Report, Renewable Energy Access and Resurgence coupled with independent reports in, for example, the New Statesman, show that the World Future Council is being recognised more and more as the leading authority on the Feed-In Tariff system as the world's most effective method of increasing renewable energy deployment.

For more articles on the WFC visit the media section of our website and keep right up to date with WFC news with our new Newsticker
Upcoming Events

15-17 November, LONDON: Be The Change / World Future Council joint conference:  Central Hall, Westminster, with the support of the New Economics Foundation, The Converging World and Rights and Humanity. Under the banner "The Sky's the Limit", Be the Change offers the WFC a platform to launch its work in the UK. Contact Herbie.

19 November, HAMBURG: Development Director Alexandra Wandel will hold a presentation on the tasks and aims of the World Future Council at the Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker Peace Lectures on Global Challenges Facing Humanity and the Responsibilities of the Science World. Contact Alexa.

19 November, HAMBURG: Jakob von Uexküll will be guest of honour at the Hanse Lounge Dinner in Hamburg, organised by Board of Directors member, Dr. Farhad Vladi. Jakob will give a speech on the World Future Council as the Voice of Future Generations and Solutions to the Climate Chaos. Contact Marlen.

19-21 November, BONN: The Council will act as patron and be present at the 2nd World Renewable Energy Council Assembly to be hosted by Hermann Scheer. Contact Bianca.

22-23 November, HAMBURG: 2nd NUN Conference (North German Partnership in support of the UN-Decade). WFC Campaign Manager Maja Göpel will hold a presentation entitled "Climate Protection needs clear rules and firm action". Contact Maja

28 November, LONDON: The WFC will be officially launching the PACT website in the Houses of Paliament, London. Contact Dan.

29 November, WASHINGTON D.C.: The World Future Council is an official supporting organisation of the Phase II conference hosted by the American Council on Renewable Energy. Contact Maja

1 December, LÜNEBURG: WFC Founder Jakob von Uexküll will be presenting his new book "Das sind wir unsern Kindern schuldig" (engl. we owe it to our children) at the Heinrich-Heine Haus. The book describes how economic growth is restricted by nature and argues that we cannot continue to exploit the natural world indefinitely. Contact Marlen

3-14 December, BALI: The World Future Council will be sending a delegation to the 13th Session of the UN Conference of the Parties (COP-13) of the Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting, Bali, Indonesia. Contact Stefan.

14-16 December, BALI: Immediately after the COP, the World Future Council will hold a joint hearing with the E-Parliament on "Rewarding Renewables: Key Steps Towards Clean Energy". Contact Maja.

13 January 2008, HAMBURG: WFC Executive Committee Deputy-Chair Beate Weber will be speaking at the New Year reception of Verdi, one of Germany's largest trade unions. Contact Marlen.

5-6 February 2008, DELHI: At the India International Centre, Vandana Shiva and Herbert Girardet will hold a seminar on the relevance of Ghandian thinking in an age of rapid economic development, in an event which will also mark the launch of the WFC in India. Contact Herbert Girardet.

20-22 February 2008, MONACO: The World Future Council will be sending a delegation to the 10th Special Session United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Governing Council. Contact Stefan.

12-16 May 2008, BONN: Vandana Shiva and Ibrahim Abouleish and Jakob von Uexküll will speak at the World Congress on the Future of Food and Farming as part of the Planet Diversity project. Contact Bianca.

18-21 May 2008, HAMBURG: 2nd World Future Council Congress. Contact Alexa.

For more information on any of the above events, please contact the WFC
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