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KidsCall Campaign Culminates in Handover of Messages to G8 Governments 
KidsCall delivers its message to Bernd Pfaffenbach
On the 2nd of July, WFC Chair Bianca Jagger together with 37 KidsCall youth representatives presented messages of concern about the state of the planet to the German State Secretary Bernd Pfaffenbach and the Japanese Ambassador Takano in Berlin. They handed over 30ft scrolls with excerpts from over 10 000 messages from 45 countries to the politicians in the run up to the G8 summit in Japan. As the demonstrators in Berlin showed, the message is clear: Act now to save the climate for our common future!

For full coverage of the event, go to the KidsCall news page.
Japanese Ambassador Takano receives the KidsCall messages
The event in Berlin was the climax of an intense year of campaigning for KidsCall, the first World Future Council youth campaign on climate change and environmental destruction just before this year’s G8-Summit in Japan. Due to the combined efforts of a motivated international group of young people, the committed WFC KidsCall Team in all our offices and the support of many WFC Councillors, we managed to spread the word about the campaign and received more than 10,000 appeals from 45 countries.

The objective had been to offer KidsCall as a platform for young people to express their wishes for sustainable, long-term thinking and political decision-making to the G8+5 politicians.

As he received the messages, State Secretary Dr. Bernd Pfaffenbach said “I can say that not only I but the whole German government supports your efforts.  I made a promise to Ms Jagger that I will report to the chancellor today about our meeting,” He went on to promise to inform the G8 presidency in Japan about "this great project".

Every G8+5 Government will receive such a 1x10m scroll of messages. The events are clearly a success as the young people felt like their views were taken seriously and were motivated to keep on being active members of civil society.

Among the media and international networks that were mobilised to report on this story were Reuters Europe, Latin America and World Service; Deutsche Welle International TV / Voice of Germany as well as several journalists and photographers of German and Japanese press.

Watch the video of the handover.

Nurturing the Future

WFC Points the Way Ahead at AGM
The Experts Behind the WFC!
At the end of May, 32 Councillors, one Honorary Councillor, 23 advisors as well as staff members from around the world came to Hamburg for four days of deliberations about future projects and new expert commissions. The objective of the 2nd Annual General Meeting was to make the WFC a more effective and louder voice for future generations.

A final declaration entitled "Nurturing the Future" was adopted by the Council and presented to the press by Bianca Jagger, Jakob von Uexküll, Vandana Shiva and Herbert Girardet in the presence of Hamburg Senator Helind Gundelach. 

The WFC called for an international change in perspectives regarding conduct toward coming generations in politics, economics and the sciences. Members appealed to governments worldwide to immediately enact legislation preventing climate change and other threats to coming generations, describing the recent global food crisis as a wake-up call.

“We are reaching a threshold from which there will be no return,” said WFC Chair Bianca Jagger. “We cannot go on abusing and destroying the natural world. We cannot go on treating our fellow human beings with impunity and contempt.”

Key points from "Nuturing the Future" include the continued struggle against climate change and crimes against future generations, and for sustainable cities, oceans and agriculture as well as ethics in politics, economics and the sciences. As in the past, the WFC will focus its efforts on identifying and helping to implement best policies by tapping into its network of legislators and civic societies around the globe.

The Council approved the revised structure of WFC Expert Commissions as suggested by the Executive Committee and discussed and adopted work programmes for the Climate/Energy,YouthCall, Future Justice/Human Security and Systems of Knowledge (Economics, Science and Ethics) commissions.

The Board of Advisors was also pleased to announce Cyril Ritchie as the new Chair and Barbara Doll as the vice-Chair. The WFC expressed its heartfelt appreciation to outgoing chair Margrit Kennedy as well as outgoing WFC Vice-Chair Beate Weber and EC Member Stephen Marglin for their dedication and hard work on behalf of the Council.

See for yourself how German TV reported on the AGM and the work of the WFC!

KidsCall Steals the Show in City Hall!

Results of AGM Workshop Inspire Local Politicians

Bianca Jagger listens to the KidsCall youngsters
During the Annual General Meeting, a specially arranged KidsCall workshop took place in a marquis right next to the conference rooms where WFC experts were deep in discussion. The kids gave a presentation summarising the workshop in Hamburg City Hall.

In an impressive performance, the KidsCall youngsters presented their demands and suggestions in front of assembled dignitaries, WFC members and the press. At the end of the spectacle, each individual KidsCall youngster annouced how they would personally contribute to a sustainable future: I'll ride my bike more often - I won't buy any clothes made by underage workers - I'll design a website informing people about unfair food prices and hunger. These were just some of the offers for sustainable living.
Deputy Mayor of Hamburg, Christa Goetsch, makes her commitment
Their commitments were documented in a book and complemented by Council members and politicians. The Deputy mayor of Hamburg, Christa Goetsch, for example pledged to cut City Hall emissions by only using local produce when catering for official events. Honorary Councillor Dr Michael Otto said he would do more to help the environment and combat poverty in Africa.

KidsCall Flies the Flag for Climate Protection

Climax of KidsCall Campaign in Berlin
KidsCall welcomes G8 leaders to Berlin
As the Japanese, German and EU flags fly over the Chancellor's office in Berlin, Angela Merkel was welcoming her guest, the Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda with military honours. Directly opposite, KidsCall greeted Merkel as the current and Fukuda as the next President of the G8 by flying flags of a different kind:

“Save the rain forest!”, “Do you want to leave us a dying planet?”, “Keep our earth clean and healthy,” the banners proclaimed.

“I can’t believe, we’re here and really doing something”, 13 year-old Niclas declared. “Maybe Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Fukuda will finally take action, if all the kids of the world ask them to!”

To make that happen KidsCall still needs the support of the world's youth! Those present on the 3rd of June in Berlin appealed to young people across the globe to write an email or letter to the responsible politicians!

“We ask for action from the world’s leaders to assure that we have a future,” said 13-year old Niclas from Hamburg. He is one of thousands of youngsters from 35 countries who have joined in the World Future Council’s international “KidsCall” campaign. They have a single demand: “Let us stop acting today as though there was no tomorrow.” 

Check out the video of the march to the Chancellor's office on the WFC site, and more pictures and messages in the KidsCall Gallery.

WFC Chair Bianca Jagger speaks at the Tällberg Forum: "What Common Sense Dictates"

Along with WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull, WFC Councillors Anders Wijkman MEP, Tariq Banuri, Manfred Max-Neef, BoA members Stewart Wallis, Marcello Palazzi and Development Director Alexandra Wandel, WFC Chair Bianca Jagger attended the Tallberg Forum in Sweden this month. Hosted by Chairman of the Tällberg Foundation and WFC BoA member Bo Ekman the Forum gathers leaders from politics, civil society, business, arts and academia to jointly address the most urgent challenges of today’s world. Bianca Jagger delivered a keynote speech at the  Forum, inviting her audience to consider "what common sense dictates" we should do to avoid nuclear disaster, armed conflict and climate chaos.  Explaining the many "tipping points" that humanity currently faces, Bianca Jagger offered some suggestions, including urgent steps we must take to avoid these crises.

She pledged her support for the "350" campaign set up by US environmentalist Bill McKibben (based on the findings of NASA climatologist James Hansen), explaining that, "If we are to  preserve the planet for future generations, we must reach 350ppm  [parts per million carbon dioxide in the atmosphere] – the most important number on earth." She cited the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the renewable energy revolution as "necessary and urgent" steps toward that goal.

Download copy of the speech here

Building a Global Reputation in Climate and Energy

The WFC Establishing a Name in the Middle-East and Asia
The WFC was an official endorser organisation at the China Power Alternative Energy Summit in Beijing in June. The event aimed to provide new impulses and raise awareness of the Chinese renewable energy sector whilst formulating concrete ideas for financing mechanisms and policies. WFC Councillor CS Kiang recommended WFC participation and Climate/Energy Director Stefan Schurig gave a keynote speech and chaired one of the sessions on wind power.

Around 300 decision makers from the renewable energy business sector, the financial sector, research institutes, government delegates, consultancies and media were present and the WFC was able to make many valuable contacts as it continues to establish itself as a major name in the renewable energy world.

This was also evident in Japan, where Research coordinator Miguel Mendonca held a presentation at a renewable energy conference. With Japan having one of the world's lowest renewables targets, the WFC is now in talks with the Institute of Sustainable Energy Policy about holding a strategy workshop to help increase renewable energy deployment in the country.

European Union and the WFC

Councillors Anders Wijkman and Nicholas Dunlop teamed up with EU Liasion Director Dirk Hendricks and Climate/Energy Director Stefan Schurig for a meeting on renewable energy with the MEPs Rebecca Harms, Satu Hassi, Sirpa Pietikaenen, and Graham Watson. The meeting came up with concrete action points for a "100% energy production by renewable sources" target in Europe.

The aim is to incoporate different renewable energy production methods within the EU agenda, especially wind and solar power (both solar thermal and PV) and energy storage possibilities in form of hydro reservoirs through a “supergrid” connecting production sites within Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. 

The WFC is continuing its support for renewable energy technologies: the Council is planning further joint activities with MEPs and the e-parliament to campaign for climate-friendly legislation in the EU. 

WFC invites US Utilities Decision Makers to Germany for Solar Fact Finding Mission

Germany is not known for its blue skies and sunny weather.  Nonetheless, 31 US utilities executives and managers spent one week in June in and around Freiburg and Munich to study the latest in solar energy technology – and to discuss legislative approaches to securing long term renewable energy investments.

At the invitation of the World Future Council, representatives of leading utilities such as Pacific Gas&Electric, Southern California Edison and Duke Energy Corporation signed up to the solar fact finding mission between June 9 and 13, 2008, to visit top-end solar panel producers, experts and scientists.  The event was co-organized by the solar Electric Power Association and the Northwest Solar Center at Washington State University, and sponsored by PV module manufacturer First Solar.

One key issue was the German government’s approach to secure and support investment in renewable energies and whether similar legislation can be facilitated in the US.  The German so-called feed-in-tariffs law guarantees producers a fixed rate for renewable energies for 20 years.

In March of this year, the WFC had invited 70 lawmakers and experts to a workshop during the International Renewable Energy Conference in Washington, D.C. (WIREC).  As a result, participants founded a US-wide Alliance for Renewable Energy to support the implementation of legislation to further and protect renewable energy investments.

WFC: Music to the Ears

The Berlin Philharmonic will be performing a benefit concert for the World Future Council as part of this year's Musikfest Berlin. The event is a joint venture by IPPNW-Concerts, the Musikfest Berlin and the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation as part of the IPPNW congress on the culture of peace.

After the concert, a reception will be held with WFC Chair Bianca Jagger and WFC Founder Jakob von Uexküll, who will both be talking about the WFC's vision, mission and future plans. Tickets can be obtained through IPPNW or the musikfest Berlin.

Councillors Keeping Busy!

WFC Chair Bianca Jagger was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Simmons College in May 2008. Her commencement address at Simmons Colleg, has been widely quoted in the  media over the last month, including the annual "commencement wrap-up" in the New York Times. You can now download a copy of the address here.

Bianca Jagger also delivered a speech as part of Harvard Medical School Seminar Series at an event called “Climate Change and Health”. She spoke about the potential risks of climate change, emphasising that “every individual can make a difference”.

At the Second Summit on Climate Change in Miami, with an estimated 800 persons gathered the most applause during an international panel was received by Councillor Hermann Scheer, leading expert in solar energy and German MP. The bad news is oil is running out," he said. "The good news is oil is running out," he added. The only option was to switch to renewables, he said, pointing out that the sun produces 15,000 times the world's current daily energy needs. Scheer said the key to renewables was to guarantee access to the electric grid for all renewable energy producers and not to allow it to be blocked by conventional power companies.

Honorary Councillor Dr Michael Otto was awarded the Gold Medal from the Association of German Foundations for his lifetime of achievements in helping good causes. In addition to his engagement in his own foundations, Dr Otto supports numerous initiatives and non profit foundations, including the World Future Council. President Horst Köhler honoured Michael Otto: “Our society needs benefactors, not as representatives of an exclusive culture but as  responsible role models in the public.”

Frances Moore-Lappé has been awarded the 2008 Humanitarian Award by the James Beard Foundation. The awards shine a spotlight on the brightest talents in the food and beverage industry, and Frances received the prize for "changing the way people think about food, nutrition and agriculture." Watch the nomination video here.

Likewise, Lappé has just been named by Gourmet magazine one of the “25 People Who Changed Food in America,” and as such shares the honor with the likes of Upton Sinclair, Julia Child, and Thomas Jefferson.

Additional recognition for the breadth of Ms. Lappé’s work has come in the form of a New York Times Sunday Review of Books feature wherein Diet for a Small Planet (her first book) and Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity, and Courage in a World Gone Mad (her latest), were designated as “must-reads for the next US President” by the bestselling authors Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver, respectively.

Prabhu Guptara organised a think-tank called "Thinking like an Economist – and How that Threatens Family, Community, the Environment and Business" at the Wolfsberg Centre. The event was led by fellow Councillor Stephen Marglin. Marglin’s latest book, The Dismal Science: How Thinking Like An Economist Undermines Community was published earlier this year.

Jakob von Uexküll was key note speaker on the topic ‘Fostering a culture of sustainability’ at the launch of the new Allianz Foundation Forum- under the joint sponsorship of the four foundations of Allianz and Dresdner Bank – the Allianz Cultural Foundation, the Allianz Environmental Foundation, Dresdner Bank’s Dresden Cultural Foundation, and the Jürgen Ponto Foundation.

Jakob was also patron of the Greifswald International Student Festival. The motto was "Mind a Change?" with lectures and workshops about the topics Economy, Ecology and Society

BoA member Professor Gottwald participated in the IFOAM World Congress in Modena where he met with Vandana Shiva, Frances Moore Lappé and Dr. Tewolde Egziabher in order to discuss further steps towards establishing the expert commission of the World Future Council "Cultivating the Future Expert Commission on Climate Change and Agriculture" which was inaugurated during the WFC Annual General Meeting in May.

Riane Eisler was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree
from the Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, in recognition of work that is transformative and vital for our times. Saybrook focuses on humanistic psychology and systems science. And publication of the paperback edition of Dr. Eisler's most recent book, The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics, is scheduled for autumn 2008.

WFC in the News

The WFC has been present in news outlets all over the world recently. From the Guardian in the UK, to La Voz in Argentina, to El Boletin in Spain and El Folha in Brazil, the World Future Council's dedication to implementing positive change for a sustainable future has been well documented.

German Television also broadcast an in-depth report on the annual congress and the future work of the WFC.

The WFC's work in pushing for the implementation of Feed-in tariffs in the US has not gone unnoticed! Metering Magazine and the Dow Jones wires have picked up on the story.

For all the latest WFC news check out our newsfeed.

Upcoming Events

8 September 2008, HAMBURG: Climate Energy Director Stefan Schurig will be taking part in a podium discussion at the Hanseatic University Lectures on Climate and the Environment. Contact Stefan Schurig.

11-14 September 2008, HAMBURG: KidsCall will be hosting an exhibtion at the Hamburg Planetarium. Politicians, press and members of the public will be able to view videos, pictures, messages, banners and much more designed by the children of the world urging action for a sustainable future. Contact Ansgar Kiene.

11-12 September, VENICE: WFC Co-Founder Herbert Girardet will give a keynote lecture at the Architecture Biennale in Venice, Italy. Contact Herbert Girardet.

14 -18 September, WASHINGTON D.C.: Herbert Girardet will give a Keynote lecture at the Capital Cities Alliance international Conference.

16-19 September 2008, SARDINIA: WFC Founder Jakob von Uexküll will give a keynote speech on Diversity and a Sustainable Livelihood of Future Generations at the pre-G8 Sardinia Conference. Councillor Vandana Shiva will also be participating in the event which covers biodiversity, desertification, food, water and human rights. Contact Amber Khaldi.

17- 21 September 2008, MALMÖ: The European Social Forum (ESF) is an open space where civil society groups and movements come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas democratically, to formulate proposals, to share their experiences freely and to network for effective action. Councillor Chico Whitaker is leading this year's summit in Sweden. Contact Ansgar Kiene.

21 September 2008, BERLIN: Bianca Jagger and Jakob von Uexküll will be present at a benefit concert for the World Future Council. The Berlin Philharmonic will be performing at the event, which will take place during the Berlin Festival. Tickets can be obtained here. Contact Marlen Mose.

20-21 September, ACCRA: E-Parliament/WFC Parliamentary Hearing, Interregional Hearing on Renewable Energy. Contact Stefan Schurig

20-22 September, BERLIN: Meeting of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, Contact Alistair Whitby

22-23 September, Berlin: Meeting of the Expert Commission Climate/Energy (tbc). Contact Stefan Schurig

22-23 October, HAMBURG: Prof Girardet will give a lecture at the H2 Expo, Hamburg.

23-24 October, HAMBURG: The first WFC Cities and Climate Change Commission meeting will be held in Hamburg (tbc). Contact Stefan Schurig

26 October, HAMBURG: Workshop of the “Expert Advisory Committee on Energy” of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Hamburg in co-operation with the World Future Council. Contact Stefan Schurig

31 October-1 November, THE HAGUE: The WFC will hold an expert workshop on Crimes Against Future Generations (tbc). Contact Maja Göpel

11 November, BRUSSELS: Official Launch of the World Future Council EU Liaison Office, European Parliament. Contact Dirk Hendricks

11-12 November, BRUSSELS: KidsCall Exhibition, European Parliament, Brussels, Contact Ansgar Kiene

13-14 November, BRUSSELS: KidsCall Exhibition, European Commission, Brussels. Contact Ansgar Kiene

15-16 November, TRINIDAD/TOBAGO: E-Parliament/WFC Parliamentary Hearing, Interregional Hearing on Renewable Energy, Trinidad/Tobago. Contact Stefan Schurig

For more information on any of the above events, please contact the WFC

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