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Welcome to the latest edition of the World Future Council Newsletter. It?s been an exciting few months at the WFC, as we reached our full complement of 50 councillors and celebrated our Founding Congress.

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Members of the newly-formed World Future Council at Haus Rissen
WFC Up and Running!

The WFC Founding Congress began with a celebration in Hamburg City Hall, where WFC founders Jakob von Uexküll and Herbert Giradet as well as Executive Committee Members Bianca Jagger and Beate Weber addressed the hundreds of guests present in the magnificent surroundings of the "Kaisersaal". You can read the speeches here. And there was a special treat for all the youngsters present at the ceremony as part of the "Future Kids" project; WFC Councillors took time to discuss world future issues with pupils from Hamburg based schools. As a reflection of the WFC?s ideals and vision, the Councillors and members of the Board of Advisors signed the commitment to future generations, which reads:

"We promise to do everything in our power to help sustain live on earth with all its beauty and diversity for future generations, and to speak up for comprehensive peace and true justice between the world?s peoples and countries. We make this commitment on our founding day to all children living now and in the future."

Then it was "back to school" for the Councillors, who adjourned to Haus Rissen for 3 days of important discussion and decision-making. As well as setting the thematic priorities for future WFC work and defining the time and involvement of Councillors in operational work, elections were held among the councillors to elect the executive committee.

Newly-elected Chair of the Executive Committee is the Human Rights Advocate and Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador, Bianca Jagger. Deputy-Chair is now the former Mayor of Heidelberg and MEP, Beate Weber. Completing the EC are; Dr. Tariq Banuri, director of the Asia Centre of the Stockholm Environment Institute, Harvard Economist Professor Stephen Marglin and Vandana Shiva, environmentalist and Founder of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology.

Then, after endorsing the Earth Charter, reviewing the work programme and adopting the WFC Constitution, Councillors agreed on the WFC?s "Hamburg Call to Action".
World Future Council: G8 Fail to Live up to their Responsibilities!

The WFC criticised the G8 Declaration on Climate Change, which agreed to "seriously consider" reducing emissions by 50% by 2050, as shockingly irresponsible. Leaders of the G8 + 5 countries met in Heiligendamm in Germany at the beginning of June for their annual summit, and the World Future Council strongly appealed to them to accelerate the use of renewable energy as the best overall solution to climate, energy and economic security.

The WFC also offered G8 leaders concrete proposals on how to speed up the employment of renewable energy and thus avert the worst effects of climate change in the interests of current and future generations. Read the statement in full.

And here you can watch WFC councillor Vandana Shiva hold the closing speech at the Alternative G8 ? People?s Summit in Rostock.
Councillors Keeping Busy!

World Future Councillors at Germany?s Annual "Church Day Festival"

Vandana Shiva, environmentalist and Founder of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, was a guest at one of the most important events in the German religious calendar, the protestant "Church Day Festival", where she spoke on "Shaping Globalisation ? The EU as a social and peaceful model". Also in Cologne was Professor C.S Kiang, Founding Dean of the College of Environmental Sciences, Beijing, who spoke at the Climate Change Forum today and Global Economic Forum.

Councillors in the Spotlight 

On 14 June the Spanish edition of former UN Assistant Secretary General, Count Hans von Sponeck?s book "A Different Kind of War - The UN Sanctions Regime in Iraq" was released in Madrid at the National Library of Spain. This edition follows editions in Arabic, German and English. On 16 June, Count von Sponeck addressed the Medical University of Hanover in Germany on "UN Sanctions and Their Impact - Example Iraq".

In Budapest in June, Kaarin Taipale, sustainable urban development expert, gave a talk at the FENNT Conference on Sustainable Architecture, about using sustainability criteria in evaluating the urban environment. Furthermore, Kaarin is challenging the public sector in Finland to lead by example: "The Inconvenient Truth is that about 40% of all energy is consumed in buildings and construction and that there are is real alternative to zero-net-energy buildings. If the public sector does not set by example, who will?" said Kaarin.

The President of the Club of Rome, HRH Prince Hassan bin Talal, addressed the inaugural meeting of the Tolerance Foundation in St Petersburg on the topic of Interaction of Cultures and Civilisations. The Prince is Co-President of the Foundation along with former Russian Prime Minister Victor Chernomyrdin and Dr Giovanni Bazoli. 

Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, founder of leading organic producer SEKEM, led a workshop at the 11th Euro-Mediterranean Economic Transition conference in Brussels in June.

David Krieger, President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation has recently released two books. Joseph Rotblat: Visionary for Peace (Wiley-VCH) about the life of the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize winner. And The Doves Flew High (Artamo Press), which was recognized with the 2007 Peace Writing Award of the Peace and Justice Studies Association and OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology.

David was also elected chair of the Executive Committee of the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility, INES.
WFC in the News

Following the Founding Congress, the World Future Council enjoyed a great deal of media coverage in Germany. All the major newspapers, radio and television stations reported extensively on the event. For example: The Financial Times, NDR, Die Zeit, TAZ, Die Welt, Stern, Deutsche Welle Radio,

In the UK, Executive Committee Chair, Bianca Jagger, told the Observer newspaper about her experiences at the Founding Congress.

Various major newspapers in India ran the story of Vandana Shiva being elected to the Executive Committee. For example: The Hindustan Times, Daily News & Analysis and Indian Muslims

Judge C.G. Weeramantry?s involvement as a World Future Councillor has provoked much interest in the Asian press. For example: The Asian Tribune, The Ceylon Daily News 

For more articles on the WFC visit the media section of our website.
WFC Publications: Policies to Change the World

As part of our commitment to identifying solutions fit for the future, our research team is engaged in an ongoing project to identify successful policies which have succeeded in generating meaningful, positive change in relation to the challenges facing the world today. Miguel Mendonca has identified the first twelve and produced ?Policies to Change the World?, including policies on energy, waste, transport, food and disarmament. The document is available to download on our website.

And as part of our recently launched climate campaign, the WFC has produced a brochure aimed at legislators highlighting one such ?policy to change the world?. In our guide to one of the world?s best environmental policies, the WFC clearly sets out the far-reaching benefits of, and ways to implement the Feed-In Tariff System. Email info@worldfuturecouncil.org for your copy.
Upcoming Events

KidsCall at Live Earth

July 7, 2007. The WFC is proud to announce its participation in the Live Earth concert series to help raise awareness of the dangers of climate change. The KidsCall campaign, which will be launched on stage at the Hamburg concert, will consist of letters and paintings urging world leaders to stop climate change and the destruction of the environment. Their messages will be collected by the World Future Council, and a group of children accompanied by WFC-chair Bianca Jagger will present the appeals to world leaders at the G8-Summit at Lake Toya in Japan 2008. 

15-17 November, 2007. BE THE CHANGE / WORLD FUTURE COUNCIL joint conference:  Central Hall, Westminster, London with support of the New Economics Foundation, The Converging World and Rights and Humanity.

3-14 December, 2007. The World Future Council will be sending a delegation to the 13th Session of the UN Conference of the Parties (COP-13) of the Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting, Bali, Indonesia.
The Next Edition

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