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Welcome to the latest edition of the World Future Council Newsletter. It has certainly been a busy few months at the WFC! Read all about the exciting developments: 

Voice of Future Generations in India!

Conference on Gandhi, Globalisation and Climate Change

Inspired by the 100th anniversary of Gandhi's satyagraha, or civil disobedience, the World Future Council has teamed up with Navdanya, the organisation founded by EC member Vandana Shiva, to proudly present a 2-day conference on Gandhi, Globalisation and Climate Change. At a time when climate change is compelling a transition from fossil fuel driven industrialization to renewable energies and sustainable economies, the conference will draw attention to the importance of Gandhi’s philosophy and political practise as well as the non-sustainability and inequity inherent in fossil fuel driven growth.

The Conference will take place on the 5th and 6th of February and will include workshops on Gandhi's philosophy on economics and democracy, as well as how to build on the past 100 years for the next 100 with regard to food and water supply, housing and cities, and land and energy.

KidsCall Coming to a Town Near You!
New Look KidsCall Site Online in February
KidsCall on Tour!

The KidsCall bandwagon is rolling on and on! Councillor Judge Weeramantry will be presenting the campaign at Montessori Schools in Delhi and Colombo. Holger Güssefeld and Jessica Kumbier will do likewise at the Atlantic College in the UK. And KidsCall Campaign Manager Ansgar Kiene has embarked on a six week campaign promo-tour through seven countries. The first destination of his journey is New Delhi, India followed by Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. After a stop at the Int. Solar Cities congress in Adelaide, Australia, he will be visiting Japan for 10 days. Then, crossing the Pacific, Vancouver in Canada is next on the list before the tour terminates in the USA six weeks later. Ansgar will be meeting with several Councillors and visiting many schools and environmental institutions on his travels. You can follow his progress in the news section of the KidsCall website. As a culmination of the KidsCall project this year, World Future Council chair Bianca Jagger will hand over the messages we receive from young people all over the world to the political leaders at this year's G8-Summit in July at Lake Toya in Hokkaido, Japan. 

KidsCall Online!

The new KidsCall website will be going online on February 5th, initially in English, German, Spanish and French, with Arabic, Hindi and Japanese versions to follow shortly after. With significant input from younger generations, the KidsCall team put a lot of thinking and effort into creating a new straightforward web presence which appeals strongly to the youth of today. A regularly updated NEWS section with text and photos as well as an interactive GALLERY are important elements of the new site. Another interesting feature is the DOWNLOAD section where the visitor will be able to download all campaign information material in different languages as well as an animated KidsCall screensaver. Be sure to check out www.kidscall.info!

KidsCall on TV!

Bianca Jagger, EC Chair of the WFC, will lead a delegation of KidsCall Future Club members who will be appearing on Germany’s most popular Kids TV programme, Tigerentenclub on the 16th and 17th of February. The 90 minute show is focussing on environmental protection and shows KidsCall as an important element of becoming active in civil society. The programme is broadcast during children's prime time on Saturday & Sunday morning. The recording will take place in the studios of Germany’s public station SWR (ARD) in Stuttgart.

WFC Makes Waves in Bali! 

The WFC delegation to the UNFCCC summit in Bali was also led by Bianca Jagger. Its aim was to present the Council as the policy oriented organisation that focuses on the acceleration of renewable energy deployment. Activities included sending three press releases, organising two WFC side events, participation on side events from other organisations, networking and spreading WFC materials about energy and the KidsCall Campaign and presenting the 2nd WFC/E-Parliament parliamentary hearing on renewable energy.
Stefan Schurig and Tariq Banuri
Side Event: Solutions for Clean Energy Worldwide

EC Member Tariq Banuri and WFC Climate Energy Director Stefan Schurig were joined by Dr Gerhard Knies from TREC and Phillipe Lempp from REN21 on the panel at the first side event. Discussions centred on existing policy and technology solutions that have been proven to significantly reduce CO2 and pollution while increasing energy security, independence, access and efficiency worldwide. The event helped the WFC establish very good contacts with the ELAW network in several countries.
WFC Chair Bianca Jagger leads the discussion
Side Event: Climate Justice and Pratical Action 

The second side event with Councillors Bianca Jagger, Anders Wijkman, Tariq Banuri and Christine Loh from Civic Exchange on the panel discussed the issue of climate justice as the litmus test for measures to combat climate change: justice between generations, between countries, within countries, with nature. The event was well attended by parliamentarians, NGOs, media and other interested parties and provoked lively debate on the challenge that the notion of justice provides to everyone engaged in climate work.
World Future Councillor and E-Parliament Founder, Nick Dunlop, presses his case for Renewable Energy
Parliamentary Hearing: Key Steps Towards Clean Energy

With 23 parliamentarians and 38 participants in total, this was the biggest hearing in e-parliament history. The WFC was able to reach many new parliamentarians that had not been part of e-parliament before. During the hearing, each expert presenter focussed on one or more concrete proposals for parliamentary action to promote renewable energy, followed by indepth questioning by legislators presented. The WFC was represented by Councillors Nicholas Dunlop and Anders Wijkman and Bianca Jagger, as well as Maja Göpel and Stefan Schurig from the staff. 

Feedback was very positive and most of the participants want to engage in more frequent discussions via our renewables group and the PACT country pages. Everyone was impressed by the vision of the WFC and 2 of the parliamentarians even asked if they can become members!

PACT Goes Online!
Alan Simpson MP at the PACT launch
The WFC launched its PACT project in style in the British Parliament. The unique initiative enables parliamentarians worldwide to draft new climate laws based on the best policies already in existence, beginning with feed-in tariffs to promote the spread of renewable energies.

The event was presented by WFC Policy Officer Dan Bristow and the introductory speech made by WFC founder Jakob von Uexküll. Also speaking in front of the assembled media, parliamentarians, civil society representatives and energy experts, Alan Simpson MP gave PACT his endorsment saying that promoting the Feed-in Tariff system is essential as it is the only policy that can dig the world out of a climate/energy crisis.

The PACT project illustrates how the World Future Council is filling the action gap and helping parliamentarians around the world to implement existing solutions like the feed-in tariff. For more information please visit www.onlinepact.org or contact Dan Bristow.

Councillors Keeping Busy!

WFC Chair Bianca Jagger is attending the Opera Ball in Vienna, where she will meet with the Austrian Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer and the vice-Chanellor, Wilhelm Molterer to discuss the aims and activities of the World Future Council.

The founder of the WFC, Jakob von Uexküll, was invited to hold the keynote speech at the New Year's functions of both VERDI, the major German trade union and of IBM.

At the UNFCCC meeting in Bali, Kaarin Taipale, as Chair of the Sustainable Buildings and Construction taskforce, organised Finland's official EU side-event entitled "Policy Options in a Changing Climate". Kaarin also organised the "Construction Counts for Climate" event, with the aim of bringing the construction sector to the climate change discussions at policy-making level.  

Frances Moore Lappé's sixteenth book, Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity, and Courage in a World Gone Mad, was released last autumn and Korean and German editions of the book are now underway. You can read Frances' article “Commentary: Climate Change, Courage & Celebration” in the Winter 2008 issue of Yes! Magazine. And catch Frances live at the National Economics Foundation think tank in New York in April, and as keynote speaker for the Organic World Congress in Modena, Italy in June. 

Maude Barlow is the main protagonist in Flow, a documentary on how the world could run out of drinking water in our lifetime. The film was shown at the Sundance Festival and received great reviews!

Vithal Rajan inaugurated the 13th Srinivas Rajan memorial lecture at the Ramanujan Institute for Study in Higher Mathematics, Madras University, and gave away 22 scholarships to the best post-grad math students. And, inspired by a lecture in topology, Vithal wrote the Bridges of King's Hill, which you can download here.

WFC in the News

WFC in Bali!

The WFC enjoyed extensive media coverage of its work at the UN Climate Convention in Bali, December 2007. Leading media outlets in China, such as People's Daily, China Economic Net and the Xinhua News Agency picked up on the WFC story, as well as Radio Netherlands and News Agencies from New Zealand and Norway.

In the German press, the WFC caught the eye of Der Spiegel, Deutsche Welle and Natur & Kosmos.

And WFC Media Officer, Robert Turner, also reported back on the conference and the Council's activities for leading environmental website Treehugger.

PACT Goes Online!

The launch of the PACT project in London was reported on by the Guardian, Renewable Energy World and Treehugger. For more details on the launch see the special PACT section of the newsletter.

WFC the Top Story!

In its review of the year's top stories, the Renewable Energy Access magazine, the World Future Council's promotion of Feed-in Tariffs featured very prominently! Research Coordinator Miguel Mendonca wrote the story of the year!

For more articles on the WFC visit the media section of our website and keep right up to date with WFC news with our new Newsticker

Upcoming Events

5-6 February 2008, DELHI: At the India International Centre, Vandana Shiva and Herbert Girardet will hold a seminar on the relevance of Ghandian thinking in an age of rapid economic development, in an event which will also mark the launch of the WFC in India. Other councillors present include Ashok Khosla and Vithal Rajan. Contact Herbert Girardet.

21 February 2008, ADELAIDE: WFC Programme Director Herbert Girardet will be giving the keynote introductory lecture at the 3rd international Solar Cities Congress in Adelaide where he was a 'Thinker in Residence' five years ago, developing sustainabilty staregies for South Australia. His lecture, 'Solar Cities of Tomorrow', will summarise the rapid development of renewable energy technologies for cities. It will emphaise the urgent need for national policies, such as feed-in tariffs, to accelerate the introduction of renewable energy in cities all over the world. The conference will be attended by 500 politicians, mayors, renewable energy entrepreneurs and activists from all over the world. Robert Kennedy, jr., will deliver the final keynopte address. 

4-6 March 2008, WASHINGTON DC: Hosted by the United States Government, in cooperation with the American Council On Renewable Energy, WIREC 2008 is the third global ministerial-level conference on renewable energy. In the run-up to the event, the WFC is organising a workshop with policy experts on Feed-in Tariffs, including Councillor Hermann Scheer and will be hosting an official side-event at WIREC with the title: "Accelerating the Deployment of Renewable Energy: How Feed-In Tariffs can be applied in North America". Contact Bianca Barth.

12-16 May 2008, BONN: Vandana Shiva and Ibrahim Abouleish and Jakob von Uexküll will speak at the World Congress on the Future of Food and Farming as part of the Planet Diversity project. Contact Jakob von Uexküll.

18-21 May 2008, HAMBURG: 2nd World Future Council Congress. Contact Alexa.

For more information on any of the above events, please contact the WFC

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