Where has GPACT been presented so far?

October 2014

The New Story Summit - 26/9-3/10

Findhorn Foundation: WFC Councillor Anna Oposa and GPACT Coordinator Fiona Bywaters both presented their threads of the 'new story' under the banner of 'Sowing the Seeds.' The proven policy incentives highlighted by GPACT were presented in a plenary session as action that policy-makers can take immediately to commence our transitional pathway to a paradigm shift, but also as a whole, opening the door to a diversity of futures for both present and future generations. You can read the speech on creating institutional change here.

June 2014

The GLOBE International 2nd World Summit of Legislators -

Mexico City: On this occasion, the WFC, GLOBE and CISDL presented a Biodiversity Legislation Study that analyses and compares comprehensive biodiversity laws from eight countries. Over 300 high-level representatives and national legislators from all over the world attended the summit hosted by the Mexican Congress where GPACT was highlighted by Jakob von Uexkull's opening statement.

April 2014

Nizami Ganjavi International Center & Club de Madrid's "Post 2015 Agenda: Measuring Shared Societies" Forum - 27-29/4
Baku: In the second forum on this subject, WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull took the opportunity to present the new Global Policy Action Plan brochure to an esteemed audience of former world leaders in a discussion of such important topics as the empowerment of women, the development of opportunities and access to high quality education. Click here for the full keynote speech "Toward a Comprehensive Approach to Paradigm Change".

The Conference of NGOs (CONGO), General Assembly 2014 - 2-5/4
New York: Through various means, CONGO has developed a dynamic and informed world-wide NGO community able to influence policies and actions at all levels of the United Nations. During the General Assembly, Jakob von Uexkull delivered the keynote speech, "Defining a Sustainable Future", while WFC Senior Policy Advisor Cyril Ritchie was reelected as CONGO President.

March 2014

Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Art, "Transition to a New Society" - 20-22/3
Podgorica: This international conference focused on three major topics: A. Political and Economic Change; B. Environment, Energy and Sustainability, and C. Humans and Machines. WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull gave the presentation "A New Human Story". >>

The Club of Rome, "Systemic Solutions for a Systemic Crisis" - 26-28/3
Barcelona: Twenty-five representatives of organisations dedicated to improving the future of humanity met to discuss the transformation to a sustainable and prosperous society. The Global Policy Action Plan was put forward by WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull as a basis for discussion.

December 2013

14th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World - 14/12
Lucknow: WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull gave a keynote speech linking judicial activism with policy areas highlighted by the Global Policy Action Plan to a prestigious audience representing judicial systems worldwide. The summit focussed on the theme of international peace and security, as promoted by Article 51 of the Indian Constitution. >>


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