Global Policy Action Plan

GPACT Brochure

World Emergency: Best Policy Solutions for a Sustainable Future

The Global Policy Action Plan provides the policy parameters needed for a grown-up humanity so we can address the world emergency we are currently living.  

The breakthrough policies described within the action plan represent a combination of tried and tested policies that have been successful in one or more countries, and optimal policy solutions we have identified through extensive research.  

Interlinked policy reform will enable us progressively to change direction, preserve a habitable planet, build a shared human future and enable us to create a better world for future generations

GPACT is currently available for download in both English, Spanish and French.

Do you have a specific proven policy example to suggest for one of the twenty-two policies included in GPACT? Click here and let us know!


“We are now on a collision course with our own future. Some criticise our current course and warn of impending doom. Others describe beautiful visions of possible futures, if only we could get there. Many focus on individual crises but are too busy to see the interconnections.

We need a detailed map and compass for our journey ahead. We need a box of tools to mend our now faulty navigational equipment and alter our course.  We need an instruction manual of how to steer between the looming tipping-points and find our future pathways. The Global Policy Action Plan is an attempt to assemble such a toolbox and write such a manual. 

The Global Policy Action Plan lays out the policy incentives required to secure the freedom to create our future.  It presents the minimum policy parameters for a grown-up humanity guided by the values of care, trust and justice for present and future generations.

The change of course now needed is unprecedented, but, as the most powerful generation who has ever lived, there is no doubt we can make it. These pages provide the tools. I look forward to working with you to refine and use them to repair our wounded Earth and build our shared future!”

Jakob von Uexküll, Founder and Chair of the World Future Council 


The Global Policy Action Plan is available to read online in English presents policy solutions and essential tools for decision makers to promote sustainable living and protect the rights of future generations to inhabit a healthy and intact world. More detailed information on some of the policies covered by the Global Policy Action Plan can be found here!

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