Celebrating Innovative Policy Solutions for the Rights of Children

Our Future Policy Award is the first award that celebrates policies rather than people on an international level. The 2015 Future Policy Award was dedicated to policies that contribute to protecting and strengthening the rights of girls and boys.

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Gold Award

Zanzibar's Children’s Act

Gold Award given to Asha Ali Abdulla (right).

The “Children’s Act” was awarded for its effective response to child abuse and violence and for its promotion and protection of child rights that have led to a marked societal change in attitudes towards children in Zanzibar. A pioneering feature was a child consultation process which provided young people with an understanding of the law and their rights, leading to the establishment of over 200 Children’s Councils.

Courtesy of UNICEF.

Silver Award

Finland's Basic
Education Act

Silver Award given to Irmeli Halinen (right).

Finland’s ‘Basic Education Act’, adopted in 1998 won the second Silver Award for guaranteeing children’s equal access to high-quality education and training, irrespective of ethnic origin, age, wealth, language or location. Finland’s holistic and trust based education system produces excellent results, both in terms of child well-being and international test scores.

Courtesy of the Ministry of Education
and Culture, Finland.

Silver Award

Maryland’s Environmental
Literacy Standards

Silver Award given to Paul Patin (right).

The state of Maryland in the US was recognized for becoming the first to require students to be environmentally literate as a high school graduation requirement. Other states, such as Kentucky and Utah have since developed education plans based on Maryland’s “Environmental Literacy Standards”.

Courtesy of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and
the No Child Ieft Inside Coalition.

Honourable Mentions

Sweden's Children and Parent Code to prohibit all corporal punishment and other humiliating treatment of children

Courtesy of the Ministry of Health
and Social Affairs, Sweden.

Argentina's Supreme Court's Pioneering Judgement on Environmental Rights

Courtesy of ACUMAR.

Future Policy Award 2015 Brochure

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Announcement of the Winners

20th of October 2015

The winning laws and policies were announced by the World Future Council on October 20, 2015, in partnership with the Inter-Parliamentary Union and UNICEF. The award ceremony was held at the Inter-Parliamentary Union's 133st Assembly in Geneva.


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