The World Future Council joins Orange Day September 25, 2014: Councillor Rama Mani presents poems to raise awareness on violence against women and girls

On 25 September, ‘Orange Day’, the UNiTE Campaign calls on artists around the world to take action to end violence against women and girls. Our councillor Rama Mani presents poems to raise awareness on violence against women and girls. 

The Garden of Future Justice

Women of the World: Unveil your Vision
What seeds have you sown today
In the Garden of Future Justice?

The Woman of the West spoke first:
I sow the seed of Courage
Fear drives men to violent aggression
May they be liberated
From their lethal dread
To create a world of trust instead.

The Woman of the South spoke next:
I sow the seed of Compassion
He who wounds women and nature
Wounds himself and foments division
May he heal his heart's fragmentation
To weave a world of caring integration.

The Woman of the East declared:
I sow the seed of Wisdom
The Arrogance of ignorant conviction
Makes men cruel, brutal and blind.
May their eyes open as they link heart with mind
To visualize a world that's both brilliant and kind.

The Woman of the North proclaimed:
I sow the seed of creativity
Men become demons of control and coercion
Imposing dogmas without self-examination
May the art of imagination end stagnation
To co-create a world of joyful regeneration.

Together they spoke, these Women of Vision:
This Garden of Future Justice starts here with us
In this great Parliament of all the Earth's Peoples,
Women and men, shaping the future as equals



Woman: Rise from your refuge
Show your colours
To the waiting world

Disclose your dreams
You hid so long
In the moon' shadow
Display them now
In the fullness of noon
Unfold your wings
No longer cramped
Lighten our grey skies
With your living wonder.

You who grew stronger
Each time you were wounded
You who laughed with knowing
When they tried to tie you down
You who wept for them
Who caused your undoing
You who mellowed
With each unspoken pain
Now, Your time has come.

Lead us to that place
Where we can be ourselves
Show us who we truly are
Sing us the new story
Of a just future
Waiting so long
To be told.

Woman, Resplendent woman
Show your colours
To the waiting world!


You Smile

You rise above your pain
And smile
And the world changes colour
Possibilities unimagined
In our open palms

Dreams cloistered
In shadows
Step into light
To be seen
Realities shape themselves
In the contours
Of our deep desires

The future emerges
Enshrined in Justice
Cloaked in the garments
Of eternal peace
Between woman and man
Between the Earth
And Humankind.



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