Opening Ceremony: Tuesday 30 September 2014
Hearing: Wednesday 1 October – Friday 3 October 2014
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Over 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their daily livelihoods. Forests are the most biologically diverse ecosystems on land, supporting 80% of all terrestrial species. Despite this, a vast area of forest the size of Costa Rica is destroyed each year with a devastating loss of habitats, species, soil and livelihoods.

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The 2014 hearing on Exemplary Forest Policies aimed to show that another way is possible, raising awareness of some of the best solutions in place to halt and reverse the plight of forests in Africa. It explored why sustainable forest management can only be successful when integrating key domains of the landscape such as agriculture, livelihoods, ecosystem conservation, and supporting institutions.

The Hearing was convened by the World Future Council with the support of the Parliament of Kenya, the FAO Regional Office for Africa, the Green Belt Movement.

Nairobi Declaration

Click here for the Nairobi Declaration, signed by 16 high-level policy makers from six countries.


Click here for the final report.


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Day one


CEPA: Civil Society Engagement in Environmental Policy Processes

FAO:  Integrated Management of Agricultural Landscapes

ICRAF: Policy Dialogue

KEFRI: Sustainable Woodfuel

MEWNR: Kenyas New Forest Policy and Bill

WFC: Charcoal Study Excerpt

WFC: Spreading Best Policies

WFC: Sustainable Charcoal


Day two

CCAFS: Gender and Climate Change

CIFOR: Food Security and Nutrition

GBM: Forest Hearing

Luc Gnacadja: Land Degradation & Human Security

Youth WFC



Click here for more information on our previous work on forests, including parliamentary hearings and publications.


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