Marshall Islands v. Nuclear-armed States at the ICJ

On April 24, 2014, in true ‘David vs. Goliath’ fashion, the tiny Pacific based Republic of the Marshall Islands took the nine nuclear-armed States (US, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea) to the International Court of Justice, claiming they are in violation of their nuclear disarmament obligations. The claim requests a declaratory judgment of breach of obligations relating to nuclear disarmament, cessation of the nuclear arms race, and good faith and also an order to take, within one year of the judgment, all steps necessary to comply with their nuclear disarmament obligations.

For the Marshall Islands it is clear that use of nuclear weapons clearly constitutes a Crime Against Future Generations. The island group was used as the location for dozens of nuclear tests between 1946 and 1992 and has suffered the trans-generational effects of radiation exposure, including high cancer rates and environmental poisoning, as well as displacement from areas declared uninhabitable.

Failing to eliminate nuclear weapons is also a Crime Against Future Generations, as these weapons pose a continuous existential threat to life as we know it and have the power to foreclose the future.

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"Yes moko, just like the sea which has to move its tides
so we can collect Kaimoana at certain times.
Rules give harmony to our lives
so we live with
minimum conflicts.
Working in harmony with others, ae moko, it’s nature’s
act of saying,
Let us make music all together
if not in reality — then make it your dream."

WFC Councillor Pauline Tangiora

Future Justice… about thinking and acting differently, based on respect, dignity and mutual trust

…considers not just what is happening now, but the effects of our actions in the years, decades and centuries to come

… is a means of creating new rules for how we live and work, pass laws and run countries

…is the giving of rights to the poorest, the weakest, the ignored, to the planet and to the other living creatures we share it with

…is a protection for all the people yet to be born,  whose lives we are blighting before they have even started

…is about what we do now.  Our actions today will determine the conditions of life for centuries to come