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The agriculture and food sector is not only a victim of climate change, it is also a major contributor to the acceleration of global warming. 

This section of the WFC website explains the mutual relationship between food and agriculture and climate change.  

How does climate change affect agriculture?

How does agriculture contribute to climate change?

How does the global food system affect climate change?

Consequently, food and agriculture provide for a huge climate mitigation potential. The development of climate-resilient farming systems is a major challenge for policy makers and a comparatively new discipline. We need policies for a global food system based on biology, not chemistry, one that will feed us indefinitely if we treat the soil right. To this end, the WFC website presents a selection of best policy concepts.

Please download our brochure on Cultivating the Future: Food in the Age of Climate Change
for additional information.

In 2009 the Future Policy Award celebrated successful policies for Food Security and the Human Right to Food. Policies were nominated that create fair and sustainable food systems, working towards ensuring access to adequate food for all citizens. Read more about the Future Policy Award and download the brochure Celebrating the Belo Horizonte Food Security Programme.

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