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Rio+20 Failure

World Future Council calls on governments to spread Future Just Policies

Rio de Janeiro, 22 June 2012 - As the Rio+20 Summit has failed to agree upon appropriate actions and targets in the interest of future generations in Rio de Janeiro, the World Future Council is now calling on governments, parliaments, intergovernmental bodies, media and youth to accelerate action towards a fair and sustainable shared future at international, national and local levels.

“The Earth Summit is over and the outcomes are clear.  Despite the strong, highly visible support for the fundamental changes needed, our leaders have not been able to break out of the shackles of existing political and economic systems. Instead of the assertive commitments needed to ensure a sustainable future, all they have given us are clichés and motherhood statements. We can only hope that the dialogue started through this process leads to a more responsible attitude towards future generations, whose interests now need to be included in our decision making processes,” says Ashok Khosla, Founding Councillor of the WFC.

In Rio de Janeiro, the WFC launched a new partnership with the Global Legislators Organisation at the first World Summit of Legislators which convened parliamentarians from 85 countries.

After Rio, the WFC will continue to work hand in hand with parliamentarians, national and international policy makers and scholars, as well as media and civil society to successfully legislate and implement breakthrough policies. “We urgently need to amplify efforts for a renewable energy transition, for healthy ecosystems, sustainable economies and an equitable and peaceful future. We will continue to promote the establishment of the Ombudspersons for Future Generations at global, regional and national level. The time to act is now.” says Alexandra Wandel, Director of the World Future Council.  In the run up to Rio, the WFC has outlined required policy actions in its Policy Action Plan.

Media Contacts in Rio:

Alexandra Wandel, WFC Director, +49 172 748 39 53

Catherine Pearce, Campaign Manager Future Justice, +55 (21) 8056 6849

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