Nomination, Review and Selection Process

WFC Councillors, Advisors and a select group of international organisations are invited to nominate outstanding policies. Nominated policies must mark a significant progress in the area of sustainable development in the interest of current and future generations. They are screened by the WFC research team, which employs the Application Tool Kit and conducts interviews with representatives from governments, sciences and non-governmental organizations.

The Application Tool Kit consists of the WFC Future Justice Policy Principles, which are applied to all nominated policies. They are derived from the seven principles for sustainable development law, presented at the 2002 Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development. The World Future Council amended some details on the advice of its Expert Commission on Future Justice and uses the principles actively in its policy evaluation.

A flyer outlining the methodology and how everyone can apply it can be downloaded here. Also read "Applying the Delhi Sustainable Development Law Principles", a peer-reviewed paper on this methodology, published by Sustainability 2/2010.

Our research department provides an evaluation report of the  nominated policies for consideration by the jury in July of every year. Based on this report, the jury will choose up to four winning policies.

Members of the Jury

  • Dr. Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, UK, Canada, Senior Director, Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL), Affiliated Fellow, LCIL, University of Cambridge and World Future Councillor
  • Brigitte Filion, France, Switzerland, Programme Officer, Violence Against Women, Gender Partnership Programme, Inter-Parliamentary Union 
  • Riet Groenen, Netherlands, USA, Chief, Ending Violence Against Women Section, UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women
  • Hibaaq Osman, Somalia, Egypt, Founder and CEO, El Karama
  • Dean Peacock, South Africa, Executive Director/Co-Founder, SONKE Gender Justice Network
  • Miriam Roache, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Vice Chair, Committee of Experts of the Follow-up Mechanism to the Convention of Belém do Pará
  • Cheryl Thomas, USA, International Violence Against Women Legal Expert, Advisor to International Organisations and Governments
  • Jakob von Uexküll, Sweden, Germany, Founder, World Future Council and Right Livelihood Award
  • Evalyn Ursua, Philippines, Human Rights Lawyer and former Senior Lecturer, University of the Philippines College of Law

Jury Members of the 2013 Future Policy Award on Disarmament included

  • Sergio de Queiroz Duarte, Brazil, Former United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs
  • Dr. Tadatoshi Akiba, Japan, Chairman of the Middle Powers Initiative (MPI), former Mayor of Hiroshima and former President of Mayors for Peace
  • Anda Cristina Filip, Romania, Director for Member Parliaments and External Relations at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
  • Dr. David Krieger, USA, President, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, World Future Councillor and Co-chair of the World Future Council Disarmament Commission
  • Jakob von Uexkull, Sweden, Germany, Founder, World Future Council and Right Livelihood Award,
  • Ambassador Nabil Fahmy, Egypt, founding Dean of the School of Public Affairs at the American University in Cairo, Chair of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies’ Middle East Project and since July 2013, foreign Minister in the interim government of Egypt
  • Prof. Alexander Likhotal, Russia, President of Green Cross International and World Future Councillor
  • Prof. Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, UK, Italy, Director, Center for International Sustainable Development Law and Head of Economic Growth and Trade for the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) and World Future Councillor.

In 2012 the Jury consisted of sustainability experts from all five continents, including

  • Mr. Árni M. Mathiesen, Assistant Director-General, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
  • Mr. Robert Calcagno, Director General of the Oceanographic Institute Albert 1st, Prince of Monaco Foundation, Monaco
  • Mr. Gustavo A. B. da Fonseca, Ph.D, Head, Natural Resources, Global Environment Facility
  • Prof. Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, Director, Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL), Head, Economic Law, International Development Law Organisation (IDLO), Canada/Italy
  • Dr. Carl Safina, President and Cofounder of the Blue Ocean Institute
  • Dr. Tewolde Erban Gebre Egziabher, Director General, Environmental Protection Authority, Ethiopia
  • Prof. Dr. Vandana Shiva, Founder, Navdanya, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, India
  • Pauline Tangiora, Maori elder from the Rongomaiwahine tribe
  • Jakob von Uexkull, Founder, World Future Council and Right Livelihood Award, Sweden/Germany



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