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Newsletter - 1 / 2011
Dear friends! 3.2.2011
2011 has been declared the International Year of Forests by the United Nations General Assembly. The World Future Council honours the UN commitment to this vital cause and will therefore present its Future Policy Award to the best forest protection policies. It has already attracted a strong partner: the UN Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (UNCBD).

The Future Policy Award Ceremony will take place at the UN General Assembly in New York in September 2011!

We are already very much looking forward to this event and have started the research and assessment of the world’s best forest protection policies. Our Future Policy Award celebrates policies that create better living conditions for current and future generations. A jury evaluates the nominated policies based on our “Seven Principles for Future Justice“, which include amongst others criteria for ecological sustainability, fairness, eradication of poverty, participation and human rights.

This year’s award celebrates people’s action to sustainably manage the world’s forests. As Wangari Maathai, Founder of the Green Belt Movement, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Honorary Councillor of the World Future Council says: “When we plant trees, we plant seeds of peace and seeds of hope“.

With best regards from Hamburg,
Alexandra Wandel
Management Board

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Latest WFC Activities: Cancún, Brussels, New York
The WFC at the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancún
The WFC received highly positive feedback for its work at the UN Climate Change Conference COP 16 in Cancun in December 2010. The participants of the conference decided to establish a Green Climate Fund to finance climate protection measures in the developing world. The Fund intends to raise $100 billion US dollars annually by 2020. Governments, however, did not specify where resources could come from.

The funds for the Green Climate Fund can indeed be generated with Special Drawing Rights from the IMF, as Stefan Biskamp (WFC Expert Commission Future Finance), Randy Hayes (WFC USA Director) and consultant Jasper Sky (Oxford University) showed at a well attended side-event. This proposal aroused promising interest from distinguished organisations such as the African Development Bank, delegations from Germany, Mexico, Nigeria and Pakistan as well as the International Emissions Trading Association.
H. Girardet and S. Schurig
Cities can play a major role in climate change mitigation, as Herbert Girardet (WFC Co-Founder) and Stefan Schurig (WFC Director Climate and Energy) demonstrated with their concept of regenerative cities. The successful side-event in Cancún was held in cooperation with the HafenCity University Hamburg, the University of Stuttgart and Perspectives Climate Change.

The WFC commits to a European Follow-up strategy for Cancún
Jakob von Uexkull (WFC Founder) and Stefan Schurig (WFC Director Climate and Energy) met on 14th January in Brussels with Caroline Lambert, Cabinet Member of the EU’s Climate Commissioner, to explain the WFC proposal to finance climate protection with the help of new Special Drawing Rights. Beforehand, at a conference with EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard, Stefan Schurig discussed the follow-up strategy for the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancún with officials from the European Commission.
EU-Commissioner C. Hedegaard ©Lisboncouncil
Eight leverage points for a green economy
The development of a greener economy as well as institutional reforms are the main aims of the third follow-up conference of the 1992 Earth Summit (Rio+20). The World Future Council organized, together with the New Economics Foundation, ANPED, ALOE and the Stakeholder Forum, a workshop on the 8th and 9th of January in New York on the topic of sustainable economic change and required political measures. The participants developed 8 leverage points for a Green Economy. For the second official Rio+20 Preparatory Meeting at the beginning of March, the workshop participants will develop an international framework and national tools for the implementation of a more sustainable economy.
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„Mama Peking“ becomes Honorary Councillor
The World Future Council welcomes the African politician Dr. Gertrude Mongella as new Honorary Councillor. With the slogan “Women’s rights are human rights” she led the difficult Beijing World Conference on Women to success and was also the first President of the Pan-African Parliament for the political unification of Africa. The prominent diplomat and activist will support the World Future Council in its engagement for the rights of future generations. Read more about her work
Excellent support: Dr. G. Mongella ©European Parliament
What makes our policies sustainable? A discussion in Vienna
The research of “best policies”, best laws and political approaches is at the core of the WFC's work. WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull and Chair of the WFC Supervisory Board Dr. Katiana Orluc had the opportunity to discuss this in front of a large audience at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. The event was held in the context of the initiative "Changing Growth", under the auspices of the Austrian Environment Ministry.
A laudatory speech on the fight for a better future
In front of 800 guests at the 62nd Hamburg media gala on 22nd January, WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull held the laudatory speech for the laureates of the Erich Klabunde Award. The presentation of the prize of the German Journalist Association represented the highlight of the evening. In this year the focus of the award was on integration, on the courage one needs in order to live in a foreign country –and the fight for a better life and future. Jakob von Uexkull called on the journalists and their duty to provide people with information, saying that “in this battle you have a central role and responsibility, because people see the future through the lenses and filters you provide”.
Jakob von Uexkull and Marina Friedt ©Ingo Phiel
Upcoming Events
Activities in Brussels: Intergenerational justice
Resources, social security, finance, health and education will be viewed from an intergenerational perspective at an event on 11th February in Brussels at the Bureau of European Policy Advisers (BEPA). Dr. Maja Göpel, WFC Director Future Justice, will give an expert lecture in front of representatives of various European Commission Directorates. More information can be found here.
From 28th February until 1st March Dr. Göpel will be a guest at the conference of the Council of Europe on “Shared social responsibility: Securing trust and sustainable social cohesion in the context of transition”. For the draft of a European Charter on shared social responsibilities, she will present a vision and definition of shared social responsibility. Notable personalities such as Professor Claus Offe (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin), Professor Mireille Delmas-Marty (Collège de France) and Stefano Rodotà (President of the Scientific Commission of the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union) will participate in the conference. Information and how to register.
„CLEAN Contracts”: Trendsetting in the US
The WFC US Director, Randy Hayes, will be in New York from 7th to 9th February with renewable energy experts from all over the US. The American Feed-in Tariff policy is at a significant turning point. The name “Feed-in Tariff” is misleading as it implies a “tax”. Now the Feed-in laws should be renamed as “CLEAN Contracts” (Clean Local Energy Now).
The Memoirs of Jugde C. G. Weeramantry
“Towards One World” is the title of the memoirs of WFC Councillor Judge C.G. Weeramantry. Recently the first of two volumes “The Sri-Lankan Years” has been published. The volume describes life before Sri Lankan independence and sheds light on Judge Weeramantry’s early career from being called to the Bar to becoming Vice-President of the International Court of Justice. The second volume will be published shortly, describing Judge Weeramantry’s work at the International Court of Justice. The book can be ordered here
Future workshop on agriculture with Dr. Vandana Shiva
Dr. Vandana Shiva and her organisation Navdanya (“Nine Seeds“) can be currently viewed in German cinemas. The film “Good Food, Bad Food” on sustainable agriculture was aired on the 20th of January. In February the well-known environmental activist will be on tour in Europe and the US. In Dornbach, near Basel, Switzerland, WFC Councillor Dr. Shiva will open the Agricultural Conference 2011 on February 2nd with a keynote lecture on “Future perspectives of agriculture in the 21st century“. On the 23rd of February she will speak about “Soil not Oil: Climate Change, Peak Oil and Food Security“ in the framework of the international speakers series of the World Affairs Council in Portland, Oregon.
1. March: A radio interview with Dr. Scilla Elworthy
Dr. Scilla Elworthy has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. She founded the Oxford Research Group, which develops effective dialogue on peace and disarmament between policy-makers worldwide. The Oxford Research Group has already been awarded the Nirwano Peace Prize for its efforts in this field. Dr. Elworthy is a Councillor of the World Future Council, author of many books and Director of Programmes of the World Peace Partnership – a five year programme for World Peace Festivals. The first festival will be held in Berlin from 26th to 28th of August 2011. On the 1st March at 3pm Pacific Standard Time an interview with Dr. Elworthy on her life and work will be broadcast on the international radio show “In Discussion with David Gibbons”. Listen to it!
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