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Newsletter - 5 / 2010
Dear friends, 4.10.2010
at the end of October, 192 governments will convene in Nagoya, Japan at the UN Conference on Biological Diversity, where scientists and civil society representatives will be ringing alarm bells: humanity is facing an extinction crisis. Every day 150 species become extinct. Governments have failed to meet the 2010 UN target of reducing the loss of biodiversity. Solving three of the world’s most pressing issues - abolishing world hunger, providing access to clean water and preventing and adapting to climate change - is hugely dependent on healthy ecosystems and the protection of biodiversity.
At the UN Conference, the World Future Council will present the Future Policy Award 2010. The award will celebrate and honour visionary policies for the protection of biodiversity in order to inspire and help speed up policy action. In the International Year of Biodiversity, policy-makers, business and citizens all over the world must urgently work to safeguard this irreplaceable natural wealth.
Following Nagoya, Councillors from around the world will convene for the World Future Council’s Annual General Meeting in Hamburg. The Hungarian Ombudsperson for Future Generations, Sándor Fülöp, and the former Israeli Commissioner for Future Generations, Shlomo Shoham, will discuss with Councillors how long-term thinking can be established in today’s parliaments.
The Council will also discuss the future direction of its work. The decision of our core donor, the City of Hamburg, not to continue to fund our vital work due to the cities' financial crisis, has been a setback. Please help the WFC to be able to speak up for future generations by making a tax deductible donation.
Thanking you so much for your great interest and support.

With best regards from Hamburg,
Alexandra Wandel
Executive Member Management Board

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Maude Barlow

Maude Barlow is the co-founder of the Blue Planet Project which works to stop the commodification of water. She also served as the first Senior Advisor on water issues to the president of the UN general Assembly.
To read Maude Barlow's op-ed about the adoption of a UN resolution on the human right to drinking water click here.
Recent events
Get FIT: WFC success in North America
In September, the WFC’s US office was very active in the promotion of policies to support renewable energy uptake. On September 23, more than 100 advocates, industry employees and elected officials took part in a workshop on Feed-in tariff renewable energy policy in Alberta, Canada, that was co-sponsored by the WFC and Canadian think-tank Pembina Institute.
Solar estate in Freiburg
On the very next day, WFC US Director Randy Hayes and the former Mayor of Gainsville, Florida, Pegeen Hanrahan, provided a session on the value of Feed-in tariff renewable energy policy at ICLEI's Local Action summit in Washington, DC. Among the audience were many local government officials from cities and counties working toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Pacific Leaders call for united actions on Oceans
His Excellency President Anote Tong of Kiribati and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger urged leaders across the Pacific at the California and the World Ocean Conference 2010 (CWO '10) in San Francisco at the beginning of September to join them in working to protect the health of the Pacific. The call to action is part of the Pacific Ocean 2020 Challenge - a broader movement administered by the World Future Council, IUCN and the Center for Ocean Solutions. So far, this initiative has been endorsed by the Governments of California, Kiribati, the Solomon Islands and Tonga. Dirk Hendricks, WFC Director Oceans, is confident that other governments which participated in the founding meeting in Suva, Fiji, in July 2010, will soon officially join the first Pacific-wide platform to promote best-policies.
Clownfish and anemone
The CWO ’10 was preceded by a two-day Pacific planning workshop hosted by the World Future Council. The session brought together high-level officials from several Pacific Governments, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), universities and civil society. The governments and partners planned next steps for collaborative action under the Pacific Ocean 2020 Challenge, including a Pacific leader summit in Hawaii in July 2011.
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Upcoming events
Future Policy Award 2010
On October 25, the World Future Council will award the Future Policy Award for a ‘best policy’ that has had a particularly positive effect on the rights of future generations. The award this year will be dedicated to outstanding policies in the field of biodiversity protection.
The award ceremony will be an official part of the COP 10 UN Conference on Biological Diversity in Nagoya, Japan. 600 delegates from 193 nations will be attending the celebrations.
The Secretariat of the UN-Convention on Biological Diversity is the official host and partner of the World Future Council. The World Future Council will award a first and second prize to exemplary national biodiversity laws.
Future Policy Award, designed von Peter Schmidt
The prizes will be presented to the environment ministers of the countries that have won the award. The Future Policy Award is only in its second year of existence, but already enjoys high prestige as shown by the Executive Secretary of the CBD, Mr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, opening the Award ceremony this year. From the World Future Council, Jakob von Uexkull as well as Councillors Ashok Khosla and Prof. Marie Claire Cordonier-Segger will be speaking about the Award and the winning policies at the event. A short documentary film of the winning policy will be shown that can also be watched on the WFC website from the 26th October. Further information about the Future Policy Award 2010 as well as on the topic of biodiversity can be accessed here.
Public presentation of German edition of "A Renewable World"
Herbert Girardet’s and Miguel Mendonça’s Report for the World Future Council “A Renewable World – Energy, Ecology Equality” was published in 2009 and received considerable recognition worldwide. On November 2, the German edition “Neue Energien freisetzen - Für eine ökologische und gerechte Welt” will be published by the Zurich publishing house Rotpunktverlag. WFC Founder Jakob von Uexküll and Herbert Girardet will present the book at a public event in Hamburg on November 3 at 8pm in the book shop Dr. Götze Land & Karte, Alstertor 14-18. The presentation is followed by a drinks reception. Admission is free.
Cover of "Neue Energien freisetzen"
Public event: Towards sustainable agriculture
To mark the start of the 4th WFC AGM in Hamburg, the World Future Council, GLS Bank and the Initiative for a GMO-free Hamburg Metropolitan Region are co-organising a public discussion titled "Pseudo solution genetic engineering - what kind of agriculture do we need to feed the world?" Benny Härlin of the Foundation on Future Farming and Helmy Abouleish, WFC BoA member and manager of the SEKEM-Group, will examine ways to make agriculture sustainable while meeting the growing food needs of the world’s population. The event takes place on November 4 at 7.30 pm in the main building of Hamburg University, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, Room A. Admission is free.
Benny Härlin & Helmy Abouleish
Organic grape plantation in Egypt (Photo: SEKEM)
The SEKEM group, managed by Helmy Abouleish, grows organic produce in the Egyptian desert and sells it successfully on the international market. Benny Härlin represented North-American and European NGOs in the Supervisory Board of the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development from 2004 to 2008 and founded the initiative "Save Our Seeds". The discussion is facilitated by Dr. Tanja Busse, a German author. Her latest book "Die Ernährungsdiktatur" deals with the nutrition industry.

Developing strategies for a better future: WFC Annual General Meeting
For the fourth time World Future Councillors will convene in Hamburg for their Annual General Meeting from November 4 to 7. The WFC commissions on Future Finance and Cities and Climate Change will convene right before the AGM from November 2 to 4.
Find out more about our upcoming events.
Councillors' News
Vandana Shiva wins Sydney Peace Prize 2010
WFC Councillor Vandana Shiva will receive the 2010 Sydney Peace Prize for her commitment to social justice. She will be honoured for her work on the empowerment of women in developing countries, her advocacy of the human rights of small farming communities, and her scientific analysis of environmental sustainability. "She offers solutions to some of the most critical problems posed by the effects of globalisation and climate change on the poorest and most populous nations", comments Mary Kostakidis, Chair of the Sydney Peace Foundation.
Vandana Shiva
Vandana Shiva will receive the Prize on November 4 in Sydney. On November 3, she will give the traditional Sydney Peace Prize Lecture in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House. Former recipients of the prize include UN High Commissioner Mary Robinson and Prof. Muhammad Yunus who founded the Grameen Bank. For more information click here.
Francisco Whitaker and Hans-Peter Dürr as Advisors at the 4th Munich Climate Autumn
“Less is added value”: Under this year’s motto of the 4th Munich Climate Autumn, Francisco “Chico” Whitaker and Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr were invited to act as advisors on the future of the city of Munich. At the opening session on September 21 they contributed concepts for a sustainable city development. Moreover they discussed about how Munich can most effectively support the energy revolution. Urban lifestyle and urban economy are considered to be the major driving forces of human-induced climate change.
Francisco Whitaker & Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr
Wangari Maathai receives the first One-World-„VIP“-Award
WFC Honorary Councillor Wangari Maathai, the first African Nobel Peace Laureate, is considered to be an extraordinary personality with a global impact. For her impressive commitment to a peaceful society in a sound environment she was honoured with the One-World-„VIP“-Award by Rapunzel and IFOAM on September 18. VIP stands for „Very Impacting People“ in this context. For the coming decade Wangari Maathai has set herself a big aim: She wants to see a billion trees planted in Africa.
Wangari Maathai
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