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Newsletter - 05/2009
Dear Friends! 2nd June, 2009
Welcome to the WFC Newsletter providing you with an update about the WFC’s recent activities.

One of the key events last month was an international legal symposium in Montreal from 28th to 29th May, where the World Future Council was able to present its Future Justice programme to leading experts in sustainability law. WFC Councillor Judge C.G. Weeramantry, former Vice-President of the International Court of Justice, held a keynote speech at the public Future Justice reception. You can find the new Future Justice website that was presented in Montreal here. It features rich resources and background information related to our Future Justice programme. The symposium was organised by the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL), directed by WFC Councillor Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger. Its goals received attention in the New York Times Science Blog. A report about the event will be posted on our website soon.

WFC activities featured in this issue include a Fact Finding Mission for US utilities to Spanish solar plants, the meeting of the WFC Expert Commission on Climate and Energy in London as well as upcoming events in Costa Rica, Brussels, and Bilbao. Enjoy reading our newsletter!

With best regards,

Jakob von Uexkull
Chair, Board of Directors

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Councillor Count Hans-Christof von Sponeck

Read Count Sponeck's reflections about the United Nations and the World Future Council here.

Commission Briefs
Climate and Energy
Climate and Energy Commission Meeting – Financial crisis meets climate crisis
From 15th to 16th May, the WFC Expert Commission on Climate and Energy met in London, chaired by Bianca Jagger and attended by six WFC Councillors. One focus of the discussions was how aspects of the financial crisis influence climate change with the resulting questions being debated: How can we best implement a transition to renewable energies within the current financial crisis? How can the proposed economic stimulus packages best be used to promote the WFC’s climate and energy agenda? The Commission also adopted policy recommendations for promoting renewable energy in developing countries and discussed the proliferation of nuclear power. WFC Director of Programmes Herbert Girardet presented the new WFC book “A Renewable World”, to be published in autumn, which will feature contributions by several Councillors.
WFC Councillor Tewolde Berhan Egziabher
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Top upcoming WFC Events
4th June, 2009:
WFC Founder to receive German Order of Merit

WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull will receive the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany on the 4th June.
The Order of Merit is the highest honour the Federal Republic of Germany can pay to individuals. It may be awarded for achievements in the political, economic, social or intellectual realm and for all kinds of outstanding services to the nation in the field of social, charitable or philanthropic work. Jakob von Uexkull will receive the Order for founding two organisations that are successfully looking for new ways to solve global problems – the World Future Council and the Right Livelihood Award.
5th - 7th June, 2009:
Parliamentary Hearing in Costa Rica: Saving the world’s rainforests

Legislators from Latin America, Africa, and India are gathering in Costa Rica to formulate plans to save the world’s rainforests. Costa Rica's "payment for ecosystem services" law that has stopped deforestation is one of the best policies to be discussed.
The international parliamentary hearing organised jointly by the eParliament and the World Future Council will be held at the Earth University in Guácimo. World Future Council Chair Bianca Jagger as well as experts from international organisations and research institutions, national administrations, and non-governmental networks will address the legislators.
9th – 11th June, 2009:
Strong WFC presence at European Future Energy Forum

At the European Future Energy Forum in Bilbao, WFC Chair Bianca Jagger will hold the opening speech and Councillor Dr. Hermann Scheer will speak on the first panel about Future Energy Policy and Strategy. WFC Director of Programmes Prof. Herbert Girardet will discuss International Energy Policy on a panel with high-ranking participants. The WFC’s Director of Climate and Energy Stefan Schurig will chair a workshop on Feed-in Tariffs. Read more about the conference and its detailed schedule here.
23rd – 26th June, 2009:
WFC at European Green Week

At the European Green Week in Brussels, WFC Councillor Ashok Khosla will address the question of how industrialisation and higher living standards in emerging economies can be reconciled with achieving climate stability. Both Ashok Khosla and WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull will participate in a session that outlines the consequences of a “greened” economy for our industries, our lifestyles and society as a whole. WFC Director of Programmes Herbert Girardet will speak about what decarbonisation could mean for transport and spatial planning. Read more about the conference programme here.
The Corridor of Hope
25th June, 2009:
Klimahaus Bremerhaven: Travel the 8th line of longitude

WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull will hold a speech at the opening ceremony of the Klimahaus Bremerhaven. At the museum, visitors can experience a fascinating journey along the 8th line of longitude through different climate zones. From 27th June, the World Future Council youth exhibition ‘Corridor of Hope’ will be presented in Bremerhaven.
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Top WFC Events in May
Councillor Vandana Shiva
German Protestant Kirchentag
Over 100,000 visitors joined this year’s German Protestant Kirchentag in Bremen, where the WFC hosted a panel discussion on "Climate Justice" on the 21st May. WFC Councillor Dr. Vandana Shiva, WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull and Co-Founder Prof. Herbert Girardet presented their visions of a sustainable and just world. Visitors were eager to discuss implications for their everyday life – and ways to bring about political change aside from merely voting. Even though it became clear that the current crises demand urgent action, Vandana Shiva appealed to the public to keep up their hope. You can read an extensive interview with her at Spiegel Online.
Climate protection and poverty
World Future Council Chair Bianca Jagger discussed "a climate protection plan for the world’s poor" at a roundtable organised by the Development Policy Forum in Brussels on 29th May. Participants addressed questions including: What is the likely impact of climate change on less-developed economies and on both the rural and urban poor? Do the world’s richer countries need to develop a separate strategy for mitigating the effects of climate change in the developing world, and ensuring that both drought and flooding do not undo the development policy achievements of past years? Representatives of governments, non-governmental organisations and international institutions attended the meeting. Read more here.
Solar Fact Finding Mission to Spain
In cooperation with the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) the WFC organised a 6-day Solar Fact Finding Mission to Spain for executives from US utilities. David Rubin, Director of Pacific Gas and Electric, comments: "SEPA and WFC have once again designed an informative and content-packed tour of a country that has propelled itself to the forefront of solar development. The unique blend of policy discussions with key decision makers and site visits to cutting edge solar facilities will have an indelible imprint on the minds of the energy industry participants."
Participants learned about the effects of feed-in tariffs and got to explore high-end solar power plants.
CHITEC 2009 – High-tech in China
In order to share its experience on renewable energy and feed-in tariffs and to learn more about China’s environmental challenges and solutions, the WFC took part in the CHITEC 2009 from 19th to 21st May. CHITEC is an annual conference and high-tech exhibition organised by governmental bodies in Beijing. About 500 Chinese participants explored recent technological developments in different sectors like biotechnology, IT, telecommunication, medical healthcare and renewable energy. 25 international invited experts attended, amongst them two Nobel prize winners on economics. WFC Director of Climate and Energy Stefan Schurig participated in the opening ceremony in the Great Hall of the People, spoke at the international expert forum on ‘fighting against the double crisis – how the financial crisis and the threat of climate change can open new opportunities for economic development’ and participated in a field trip to Beijing’s Economic Technological Development Area.
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