Dear Friends!                                  September 3, 2008

This is the first edition of our new-look monthly newsletter. Since the second council meeting in May, the WFC has been working hard to become an effective voice of future generations. Each newsletter will report on the activities of Council Members and members of the Board of Advisers, as well as the work of staff members under the agreed work programme. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and we look forward to your feedback.
In August, the WFC KidsCall campaign culminated in a meeting between a youth delegation and the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Delhi. The meeting stressed how important the opinion of youngsters is to world leaders and that real change can happen if committed young people demand it.
The WFC expert commission on Future Finance is pleased to announce that it has received initial funding to facilitate its work. Its key focus is the assessment and development of proactive finance policies toward a just and sustainable future.
In early October the Expert Commission on Climate / Energy meets in London to continue its vital work on climate security and the accelerated introduction of renewable energy. In the same week the Expert Commission on Cities and Climate Change is meeting in Hamburg for the first time. We look forward to sharing the results of both meetings with you.

With best regards from the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Secretariat,

Herbert Girardet
Co-Founder and Director of Programmes, WFC

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Commission Briefs

Climate & Energy

WFC Co-Founder Herbert Girardet and Research Manager Miguel Mendonça are working on a major new book called The Carbon Plan. Read more about it here.

In the US, the WFC’s new Policy Officer Randy Hayes has taken over chairing the steering committee of the 'Alliance for Renewable Energy', a group of outstanding US experts founded by the WFC.

The City of Hamburg has initiated a seven year city planning and landscaping project called International Building Exhibition (IBA).
The IBA embraces the conversion of a whole district in the south of the city that includes a renewable energy concept. WFC Climate Energy Director Stefan Schurig is a newly elected member of the IBA advisory board on climate change. The WFC and IBA also cooperate on conferences, workshops and publications. To read more about our Climate & Energy work, click here.

Future Justice

The Future Justice Commission works to prevent and denounce Crimes against Future Generations. It is composed of WFC Councillors and selected global experts. Its first strategy meeting was held in Santa Barbara in April 2008, where it defined a three tier approach: Prevention, governance and criminalization. A campaign is scheduled to start in November. To learn more about it, click here.

Notes from the Council

July 21, 2008: WFC Chair Bianca Jagger delivered a speech at the Remstal Forum in Stuttgart. It was organized by WFC Councillor and Member of the German Parliament Hermann Scheer. You can download the speech here. The Stuttgarter Nachrichten covered the event extensively, publicizing Bianca Jagger’s speech.

August 21-24, 2008:
WFC Executive Committee member Dr. Vandana Shiva held a speech at the festival “Rock for Nature” in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. She talked about her fight against genetically modified food (GMF), highlighting the dangers to the environment and health caused by GMF, as well as the social problems associated. “Rock For Nature” supported Vandana Shiva’s “Seeds of Hope” project, a seed fund for Indian farmers.

August 2008:
WFC Councillor David Krieger with his Nuclear Age Peace Foundation launched an appeal for a nuclear weapons-free world to the next US President. The appeal can be signed from now on and will be handed over to the new President in January 2009.

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Top upcoming WFC Events

The WFC is looking forward to a charity concert in Berlin on September 21, 2008, which will feature Bianca Jagger and Jakob von Uexküll as keynote speakers. We would also like to invite you to a KidsCall exhibition in Hamburg on September 22, 2008. Please also take note of the opening of our Brussels office on October 21, as well as of the WFC’s participation the Solar Power Conference from October 13-16 in San Diego, California, USA.

September 21, 2008:
Charity concert for WFC in Berlin
Top musicians of the Berlin Philharmonics will play at a charity concert for the WFC during the Berlin Festival. Bianca Jagger and Jakob von Uexküll will give speeches and be available for discussions after the concert.
Tickets can be obtained here.

September 22-28, 2008:
KidsCall “Corridor of Hope” at Hamburg Planetarium
KidsCall will be hosting an exhibition named “Corridor of Hope” at the Hamburg Planetarium. Politicians, media representatives and members of the public will be able to view videos, pictures, messages, banners and much more designed by children from around the world calling for action for a sustainable future.

October 13-16, 2008:
WFC partners with Solar Power Conference in the U.S.
“Travelling to Germany was like being transported 20 years into the future,” said Jim White, a senior energy service engineer from Washington and one of the 31 participants of the US Solar Fact Finding Mission to Germany, co-organized by the WFC in June. As a result, the WFC is now a participating invitee at Solar Power International, North America’s largest solar conference and expo. Read more here.

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Top WFC Events during the last six weeks

With its KidsCall Campaign, the WFC has appeared in newspapers ranging from “The Hindu” and “Statesman” in India to the “Hamburger Abendblatt” in Hamburg, Germany, to numerous online platforms. For a complete list of media coverage of the WFC, please click here.

From left to right: Stefan Schurig, Manu Sankar, Mrs. Singh, Prime Minister Singh, KidsCall participant
August 16, 2008:
WFC KidsCall delegation hands climate demands to Indian Prime Minister
A youth delegation from the WFC demanded action against climate change in a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Together with WFC Climate Energy Director Stefan Schurig and Manu Sankar from the Delhi office, the KidsCall participants handed over a list of key concerns. Read more here.

August 23, 2008:
WFC Councillor Hermann Scheer at Kampnagel Festival
At the international theater, dance and music Kampnagel Summer Festival in Hamburg, renewable energy expert and WFC Councillor Hermann Scheer gave a speech entitled “What we all have to change – other than our light bulbs”. The discussion was led by WFC Climate & Energy Director Stefan Schurig.

July 28,2008:
WFC Campaign Manager Maja Goepel lectures at international social banking summer school
Maja Goepel, WFC Campaign manager, gave a lecture on “Creating a worldwide commission on sustainable finance” at an international summer school in Denmark organized by the Institute for Social Banking. The organizers belong to a group of social banks that has agreed on core funding for the Future Finance Commission’s work over the next three years.

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